Currency Icons on Figma.
2 Components, 8.700+ Variants

2 components, 8.700+ variants for all the popular fiat and crypto currencies on Figma.

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Solana Coin Icon SVG Shiba Coin Icon SVG Tezos Coin Icon SVG Yen Coin Icon SVG
Currency Icons - Currency Icons on Figma. 2 Components, 8.700+ Variants | Product Hunt

The Best Crypto Currency Icon Library

Cryptocurrency Icon Set will help you create your own cryptocurrency infographics, social media posts, landing pages, and more.

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The ultimate crypto and fiat currency icon pack for your next crypto-based project. Generate thousands of different icons out of only two Figma components.

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The most powerful and customizable currency icon template on Figma.

64+ Figma Variants

Original, black, colored, white, shadow-on/off, 16px to 128px variants included.

8.700+ Icons in 2 Components

1 Figma file, only 2 components, and all icons are editable and can be used as exportable .png .svg .jpg and .pdf formats.

Fiat & Crypto Icons

G-20 countries’ fiat currency icons and top 120+ cryptocurrency icons including, Binance USD, Cardano, XRP, Polkadot, and many others.

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We've crafted the ultimate tool that helps you build the design of your dreams. Built with configuration in mind, you can fully customize every aspect.


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  • 120+ cryptocurrency icons

  • G-20 countries’ fiat currency icons